Arab Media Urged to Encourage Positive Engagement on GERD to Ensure Mutual Benefits


Addis Ababa  (ENA) July 30/2021 Media outlets in the Arab world should focus on the constructive engagement of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and help the nations reach an agreement that provides mutual benefits for all, a researcher on Ethio-Arab relations advised.
In an exclusive interview with ENA, the researcher Zahid Zaidan al-Harari said several media outlets in Arab countries have been engaged in reporting one-sided story that does not help to address the issue on GERD.

Ethiopia is making continued efforts to bring a lasting solution to address the concerns of Egypt and Sudan over GERD by repeatedly calling for a dialogue between the countries under the leadership of the Africa Union.

The Government of Ethiopia has also been engaged in clarifying its firm position that it would never take measures that harm the downstream countries.

However, the researcher on Ethio-Arab relations noted that several media outlets based in Arab countries are preoccupied with reporting stories that ignore the ongoing efforts being exerted by the government to help address the concerns of the countries.

The media have been promoting Arab nationalism and showing blind solidarity to Egypt and Sudan by reporting biased and partial stories on GERD, Zahid added.

According to him, such kind of media reporting does not help to address the concerns of the countries but further complicate the matter by damaging the longstanding relations of the people of the countries.

The researcher, however, pointed out that Ethiopian diplomatic activities on the issue of GERD are out shining in the international forums.

The success registered in the diplomatic arena signals the fact that Ethiopia’s position on GERD is sincere and advocates equitable and fair utilization of shared natural resources, he underscored.  

Zahid urged the media in the Arab world, including those of Egypt and Sudan, to refrain from politicizing GERD and engage in constructive media activities with a view to bringing lasting solution that benefits all the parties.

Ethiopia recently completed the second round filling of the hold sufficient amount of water needed to run the two turbines of the dam that enable the country to commence electric generation.