Residents of Various Towns Rally In Support Of Ethiopian National Defense Forces


Addis Ababa July 25/2021 (ENA) Ethiopians across the country have expressed their commitment to support the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF).

Residents of Dire Dawa City Administration, Gondar and Enjibara towns of Amhara as well as Shasemene, Jimma, and Bale-Robe towns of Oromia and Semera town of Afar held huge rally today to express their support  to the ENDF and denounce the terrorist acts of the TPLF group.  

The demonstrators chanted slogans ‘the ENDF is a symbol of our sovereignty’, Ethiopia cannot be destroyed, among others.

The residents have also demonstrated their joy over the successful completion of the second round filling of the GERD and vowed to enhance their support  to the realization the dam.