Abbay River is God’s Gift to Ethiopia, Unity Key to Counter Unjust Pressure: Indian Investors


July 24,2021(ENA) Strengthening unity among Ethiopians is crucial to resist pressures on the country in connection with the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Indian investors born and raised in Ethiopia said.

Approached by ENA, Mayur Kothari, an Indian investor, stated that he has been supporting the GERD by purchasing bonds and making other contributions.

He said the Grand Dam is critical to boost the manufacturing sector of the country by supplying sufficient energy among others.  

Abbay River is God’s gift to Ethiopia, Kothari noted, adding that “not using the gift of God properly could be considered as a failure for Ethiopians.”    

Expressing his joy over the successful completion of the filling of the GERD in two rounds, he said this proves that Ethiopia’s stance is not to harm the lower riparian countries.   

Kothari stressed that realizing the grand dam is both a right and obligation of Ethiopians as more than 60 million Ethiopians are living in darkness.

The other investor, Shark Kothari said on his part that the one and the only thing that is expected from Ethiopians to counter external pressure is strengthening unity.

Regardless of differences, all Ethiopians have to join hands to counter the unjust pressure on the country, he pointed out.

According to him, Ethiopia has not yet properly exploited its resources even if the country is endowed with natural resources.

He urged investors to engage in various sectors, including hotel and tourism, among others.