US Hides TPLF Wrong Doing, Accuses Gov”t for Unfounded Information: Black Agenda Editor


July 24/2021(ENA) The US government is accusing Ethiopia for unfounded information by hiding the wrong doing of the TPLF, Ann Garrison told RT News.

In an interview she had with RT News about the current situation in Tigray, the contributing editor to Black Agenda Report noted that the TPLF was in power for over the past 27 years with the support of the US government.

The TPLF, which stepped down from power because of popular protest in 2018, attacked the national army base in their province last November, she revealed.

When its oppressive acts and facts like this are in place, however, the Western press reports that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed started the war by ignoring the wrong doing of TPLF.

“Is there any nation that wouldn’t react when such an attack takes place?” she asked.

According to her, the US wants TPLF in order to use it as its army in Africa.

“The Western press and most US officials have been blaming Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and  portraying the TPLF and Tigrayans as victims of the war they started themselves,” Garrison elaborated.

The atrocity reporting is very recognizable, according to the contributing editor. As soon as the US wants to attack another country there will be allegation of genocide, war crime, crime against humanity.

But it is the UN Security Council that determines the level of justified jurisdiction, if such heinous crimes are being committed and a country attacks the other, she pointed out. “UNSC is supposed to organize a multilateral response, ” 

Garison explained that the new prime minister negotiated peace with neighboring Eritrea after many years of hostility and he has won a Nobel Prize. But, now “he is accused of crime in Tigray.”

Firing rockets on the capital of Eritrea, Asmara, and the atrocity reporting has ended blaming Eritrea even if the TPLF started firing rocket on Eritrea, the editor stated.

She further pointed out that the US intentions in Ethiopia can be mapped out with a look at its history of “humanitarian intervention and its actions during the genocide in Rwanda.