Filling of GERD Creates Public Trust on Gov’t in Handling Construction of Dam


July 24/2021 (ENA) The successful completion of the second round filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam reinforces the trust of the public in the handling of the construction of the dam by the government, residents of Addis Ababa noted.

Some residents of the capital city told ENA that successful filling of the dam ensures the public that GERD is an attainable project and reinforces the trust between the government and the public.

Timerga Gizaw said the second round filling strengthened his trust that the GERD could be realized and the government is trustworthy.

He recalled that he had doubt about the project when the government announced delay two years ago. However, his trust was re-established on witnessing the first filling of the dam last year.

The completion of the second round filling of the dam has created special feelings upon Timerga. The first was the joy over the completion of the second round filling, despite the flimsy allegations of the downstream countries; and the other the holding of water that can initially generate power with two turbines.

He pledged to continue supporting the project until its full realization.

“The public has been supporting the construction starting from day one,” Timerga said, adding that I for one have purchased bond more than five times and will continue doing so till the dam is completed.”

The other resident, Wondimagegn Abera, said the second filling of the GERD reinforced his belief that Ethiopians can do anything if they stand together.

According to him, the dam reached this stage because of the strong involvement of the public. This should continue until the final phase of the project, he added.

“GERD reached the second filling phase because of our unity and ability to stand with our own. This shows GERD is real and a great symbol of cooperation.”

National Council for the Coordination of Public Participation on the Construction of the GERD Communication Director, Hailu Abraham said on his part the successful completion of the second round filling is a bridge that connected the government and the people.

“The completion of the filling created inspiration among the public. And re-invigorated our negotiators, filled the people with joy, and gave strength to the government. It created solid trust between the people and the government,” he noted.

Ethiopia announced recently the successful completion of the second round filling that enables the country to generate power from two turbines.

Early generation of power from the two turbines will begin in the next few months, it was learned.