Residents of Oromia Region Express Readiness to Support National Defense Force, GERD


July 24/2021 (ENA  Residents of Oromia regional state have today expressed their readiness to provide the necessary support to the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF). 

The residents of Adama and Shashemene towns as well as West Showa Zone of the region pledged their full support to ENDF in a demonstration held in the towns that attracted hundreds of thousands of people.  

Noting that the National Defense Force is a symbol of national sovereignty, the demonstrators vowed to stand by the side of the ENDF by providing the needed support to help protect the sovereignty and national integrity of Ethiopia.

Participants of the rally have also said that the people of Tigray are part and parcel of the whole Ethiopia, indicating that TPLF terrorist group is the enemy of the country.

They have also expressed joy over the successful completion of second round filling of GERD and the peaceful conduct of the 6th general election.   

Mayor of Adama town, Hailu Jelde said during the occasion that the people of Ethiopia have been demonstrating their unity by expressing readiness to support ENDF.

The residents have also showed their unity in the demonstrations by vowing to foil the 27 years of destructive and dividing policy of the TPLF terrorist group for once and all, the mayor added.  

Noting that the treason act being committed by the terrorist TPLF group doesn’t represent the people of Tigray, the mayor called on the people to stand in unison with ENDF with a view to end the terrorist activities of the group.   

“By fighting elements that divide the people of Ethiopia and endangers its unity, we will stand by the side of the Ethiopian National Defense Force which is the symbol of national sovereignty,” he underlined.

Similarly, youth in Shashemene town have condemned foreign interference in the internal affairs of Ethiopia.

In a demonstration held in the town, the youth also expressed joy over the successful conduct of the second round filling of GERD.  

The participants of the rally urged some members of the international community to stop meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia including the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

They have also denounced the pressures being exerted by some western nation on Ethiopia.  

Noting that GERD is a pivotal project to help the government lift the people from poverty, the demonstrators vowed to continue their unreserved support to its realization.  

Youths of Shashemene town have donated blood and conducted a fundraising program on the occasion to support the construction.