Ethiopians in Washington DC to Rally Against US Interference, Saudi Inhuman Treatment


Addis Ababa, July 23/2021 (ENA)  The Ethiopian Diaspora in Washington DC will hold a rally on Monday July 26, 2021 to oppose the pressure of the US Administration on Ethiopia and the inhuman treatment of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia.

Ethiopian Global Youth Group founder, Binyam Getachew told ENA that the demonstration will be held in front of the US State Department in Washington and the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Washington DC.

The rally is aimed at denouncing US interference in the internal affairs of Ethiopia and calling on the Government of Saudi Arabia to stop the callous treatment of Ethiopian migrants in the country.

Ethiopians and foreigners of Ethiopian origin living in different states and cities of USA will take part in the rally, Binyam said.  

All citizens should stand for the voiceless suffering in Saudi Arabia as the situation requires urgent solution, he added.

Peace and Unity Taskforce Ethiopia in Washington DC Coordinator, Tasew Melakehiwot said on his part that letters will also be handed over to officials of the US State Department and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

The letter to the State Department urges the US Administration to review its foreign policy, stop meddling in Ethiopia’s internal affairs, and work for mutual benefits.

The letter to Saudi Embassy demands that the Government of Saudi Arabia should stop treating Ethiopian migrants inhumanly.