Western Powers Are Attempting to Destroy Democracy in Ethiopia


By Solomon Dibaba

With the election of President Joseph Bidden as the new leader of the US in which Citizens of Ethiopian origin and Ethiopians here were joyful, the US policy on Ethiopia regressed from bad to worse.

Ethiopians expected better treatment from the Bidden Administration considering that the Democratic Party has assumed power but the US State Department continued to pursue a negative foreign policy direction that the former Trump Administration has followed on Ethiopia.

Three years back, the US seemed to appreciate the reform program that was initiated by Prime Minister Dr. Abiy and vowed to continue supporting the development programs of the country. However, with the withdrawal of TPLF from the federal government and its attack on a restive Northern Command of the Ethiopian Army, the US and the western media failed to condemn TPLF atrocity and kept silent when an army of a partner country is attacked and major infrastructure facilities and public development institution are looted and destroyed.

When the Ethiopian armed forces were ordered to ensure the enforcement of law and order in the country, the State Department headed by Anthony Blinken, a highly educated statesman and lawyer, started to call for a ceasefire and dialogue with a series of press releases, the content of which have never changed. In fact global media outlets started to openly condemn Ethiopia for taking law enforcement measures and tried to depict the government as aggressor openly sympathizing with TPLF.

After the defeat of TPLF, Mr. Anthony Blinken and a number of EU officials started to falsely accuse the Ethiopian government for committing ethnic cleansing and genocide. Both the US and EU have never openly condemn the genocide conducted by TPLF militia in Mai Kadra, Humera and its proxy war in Metekel Zone of Benishanguel Gumuz. Some US media outlets even stated that it was the Ethiopian armed forces that started the attack on the Northern Command, something which is laughable and esoteric.

Without caring to verify the information from the government side, the State Department was lured away by the misinformation and false propaganda that was fanned by the TPLF and even started to advocate for a terrorist organization that was engaged in gross human rights violations for three decades.

Despite the widespread corruption and looting of public finance and properties, the TPLF enjoyed the blessing of staff members of the State Department who were over sympathetic to this terrorist organization.

While Ethiopia instantly responded to the food shortage crisis that was created in Tigray as the result of the war it waged on the people of Ethiopia, the State Department falsely accused the Ethiopian government for using food as a weapon to punish the people of Tigray. The truth is to date, the Ethiopian Government has expended more than 100 billion Birr towards the relief operation in Tigray.

Western media outlets started to spread conspiracy theories that targeted the 6th National Election in which they openly claimed that the election itself will trigger a civil war and would never take off. However, the people of Ethiopia proved that the media outlets were wrong by conducting the first fully democratic, peaceful and credible election.

The State Department mocked on the election branding it as sham election demonstrating their stance on underestimating and discrediting the efforts of the government and the people of Ethiopia’s efforts to strengthen democracy in the country.

To make matters worse, not only did the US branded the TPLF lawlessness in Tigray as a civil war between two equal governments, it quickly cooked the ill fated sanction that was geared to destroy the economic basis of a democracy in Ethiopia.

All the more, driven by the false propaganda and doctored video clippings that TPLF has prepared, the US tried to pass a pro TPLF resolution condemning Ethiopia for violation of human rights.

To the surprise of all Ethiopians and prominent personalities across the world including Mr. Herman Cohen, the formers US undersecretary for African Affairs, the USA and its media companies remained dead silent on TPLF’s war crime on recruiting and deploying child soldiers to the fronts in utter violation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Children. The State Department never uttered a word on this and never cared to verify the information. The US is cooperating with TPLF by keeping silent when the basic rights of Ethiopian children are being violated by this terrorist organization.

In alliance with the US and TPLF, UNICEF, a global organization operating in Ethiopia and global level chose to keep quite when the rights of children in Tigray is violated. International NGOs and global human rights organizations are still hibernating in their offices when children in Tigray are deployed to war front, as if it is alright to recruit Ethiopian kids to war by forcefully letting them drink cannabis.

The so called democratic world is betraying the people and government of Ethiopia as they try develop a fully democratic order in this country. History will never forget such a betrayal.