Plot Hatched Out by TPLF to Carry out Massacre in Humera Town Exposed


July 22,2021 (ENA)  The Ethiopia Current Issues Fact Check exposed today that the terrorist TPLF has been plotting to carry out massacre in the town of Humera similar to the massacre carried out in Mai Kadra where hundreds were stabbed or hacked to death in the town on the night of 9 November 2020.

Leaked information revealed that the terrorist group was planning to carry out massacre in Humera town, in collaboration with insurgent groups infiltrated from Tigray and Sudan, the Ethiopian Current Issues Fact Check added.

In order to attain its heinous act, the group has been taking several tactics to distract the attention of National Defense Force and Amhara regional special force by repeatedly taking provocative activities in Raya and Afar so as to divert their attention, according to Current Issues Fact Check.

It further exposed that the terrorist group planned to soon start posting on social media that the Amhara special force and the National Defense Force would carry out massacre in Humera.

Meanwhile, the Afar special force and the National Defense Force have jointly responded to the unprovoked attack of the junta at the Afar front, it was learned.

According to Ethiopia Current Issues Fact Check, the terrorist group TPLF has been carrying out provocative acts by deploying untrained children and women.