Deputy Mayor Says TPLF, Its Allies will be Destroyed with Strong Collaborative Efforts of Ethiopians


July 22,2021 (ENA) The conspiracies of the terrorist TPLF group and its allies to dismantle Ethiopia will be smashed by the strong collaborative efforts of all Ethiopians, Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa City underlined.

The Mayor made the remark during at a demonstration held today in the city to denounce the terrorist acts of the group, to urge the international community condemn TPLF’s destructive activities, to express their  support to the Ethiopian National Defense Force and joy over the successful completion of second round filling of GERD.      

It is estimated that more than 1.5 million people have participated in the rally held at Meskel Square starting early in the morning.

The demonstrators have condemned the recruitment and deployment of children as soldiers by the terrorist TPLF.   

The participants have also expressed their readiness to support the Ethiopian National Defense Force.

During the occasion Deputy Mayor of the City, Adanech Abeibei said Ethiopia is a country founded on a solid rock that could never be shacked with conspiracies being orchestrated by internal and external forces that don’t want the united Ethiopian.  

The country has been registering various successes by overcoming a number of challenges; the Deputy Mayor pointed out, and said that this proves Ethiopians are capable of anything provided that they are united.

“The positive achievements being registered in Ethiopian in various aspects amidst a number of internal and external challenges indicate the fact that Ethiopians could do anything provided that they are united.”

According to her, Ethiopia has successfully completed the second filling of the GERD and conducted the 6th general election by overcoming the various internal and external pressures. “This has given big lesson to the international community,” she added.

The demonstration that attracted more than 1 million people indicates the strong unity of the people to defend their country, the mayor stated.

The heinous acts of the terrorist TPLF to recruiting and deploying children in conflicts is an act that could never be forgiven, she stressed.

The TPLF has been engaged in destructive acts by endangering the sovereignty of the country at international stages through its paid international media outlets, individuals and other allies in the west, she said.  

The silent being witnessed by some intentional media about use of Child Soldiers by the TPLF proves the fact that they are promoting some kind of interest behind the overall situation.  

“We witnessed even some media choose to be silent when the Junta has been using children as a soldiers for a war. This incident shows their interest and real identity. They crossed the red line and they attacked our sovereignty. They should refrain from such evil acts”, she urged.

The demonstrators for their part have called on the international community to condemn the terrorist acts of the TPLF by disregarding the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire declared by the government of Ethiopia with a view to create smooth flow of humanitarian support to the people in Tigray and encourage farmers to engage in farming activities.

The residents commended the successful completion of the second round of GERD and the peaceful conduct of the 6th General Election and other positive achievements in the demonstration.