Terrorist TPLF Blocks 189 Trucks Carrying Relief Aid to Tigray


Addis Ababa July 20/2021(ENA) The terrorist group TPLF group has stopped 189 heavy trucks carrying relief aid via Afar to Tigray region by launching terroristic attacks, the National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC) disclosed.

The terrorist TPLF has practically proved that it has no compassion for the people of Tigray, it was indicated. 

National Disaster Risk Management Commissioner Mituku Kassa told ENA that 189 heavy trucks carrying humanitarian food and non-food items to Tigray were unable to move due to the terroristic attack in the past three days. 

As a result, the heavy trucks carrying humanitarian aid were forced to stop, he added.

The terrorist group TPLF blocked the way by opening terroristic attack at Fentirasu Yalo Woreda of Zone 4 in Afar Region.

Noting that the government had declared unilateral ceasefire in order to facilitate the timely delivery of humanitarian aid to the people of Tigray, the commissioner revealed that the terrorist group, which has no compassion for the people of Tigray, is on the other hand working hard to create humanitarian crisis by closing a relief route.

Even if the government facilitated the timely delivery of humanitarian aid provided by international aid agencies, the terrorist TPLF has not stopped carrying out terroristic attack, it was pointed out. 

The government is facilitating the provision of food and non-food aid to the Tigray region through the World Food Program and other international aid agencies, but the terrorist group is  disrupting the delivery of relief aid.