Muslims Vow to Continue Supporting GERD Till Completion


Addis Ababa July 20/2021 (ENA) Muslims attending the Eid Aal-Adha celebration at the Addis Ababa Stadium today vowed to continue supporting the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) until its completion by strengthening unity.

Kamil Taha told ENA that he was delighted to witness the successful completion of the second round filling of the dam and pledged to strengthen his support for the dam.

Noting that the renaissance dam is a genuine asset of Ethiopians, he added that “we have to use this right and complete the dam.”  

Abay River , which originates from Ethiopia, has been serving others for centuries. But now “we are edging closer to utilizing our river.”

Since the growth of a nation benefits all citizens, Kamil stated that all Ethiopians have to strengthen their continued support toward the completion of the dam.

Sheikh Mohamed Zeyn Hayredin noted on his part that the second round filling of the dam had to pass through various challenges before success. “So, we have to continue our support until reaching the major objective, which is the final chapter of the dam.”

For Sheikh Tahir Abdul Kadir the dam is a development project not only to Ethiopia but also for neighboring countries.

Hence, all Ethiopians have to continue supporting the dam financially or in other forms contributions, he added.

The Government of Ethiopia announced yesterday that the second round filling of the dam has successfully been completed as the overall construction of the GERD reached over 80 percent.