Deploying Children into War against Ethiopian, Religious values : Islamic Faithful


Addis Ababa July 20/2021 (ENA) Ethiopian Muslims said deploying children into war is against Ethiopian values and condemned by religious dogma.

Speaking to ENA while celebrating the 1442nd Eid al-Adha at the Addis Ababa Stadium today, Said Al Juhar expressed his disappointment over the terrorist TPLF which deploys children into war transgressing religious and international law.

Forcing children to go to battles, instead of cultivating them in education, religion and discipline to get them ready to inherit a peaceful country, is deplorable, he added.

According to him, involving kids in destructive activities denying their parents to see the bright of their children is also unforgivable.

In Islam, Said noted that forcing children to carry out activities beyond their capacity is forbidden, let alone engaging them in war.

Mohamod Kediri said we have to stop and condemn the atrocities committed by the terrorist group TPLF by deploying children in battles.

As inheritors of this country, children should be cultivated in religious morality and Ethiopian values ​​rather than carrying gun, he stressed.

Children should be sent to schools where their hopes could flourish and become  bright, according to Imam Sheikh Salahuddin Wazir and Ibrahim Kedir.

They underscored that sending children to war contrary to this is unacceptable in both religion and humanity.