Successful Filling of GERD Clears Confusing Thoughts by Some Actors: Expert


July 19/2021(ENA) The successful completion of the second year filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has cleared all the confusions raised by some actors regarding the dam’s impact on the downstream countries, according to member of GERD negotiating team.

The government of Ethiopia has announced today that it has attained its second-year target for filling of the GERD on the Blue Nile River (Abbay).

In an exclusive interview with ENA, member of the GERD negotiating team, Dr. Yilma Sileshi said the completion of the second phase filling of the dam is a big chapter to realization the ultimate objectives of the project.

The second round impoundment of the dam is a big achievement that clears the confusions raised by some international actors and the two downstream countries that Ethiopia can’t fill the dam successfully, he pointed out.

The expert has further noted that the completion of the second filling has also proved Ethiopia’s longstanding commitment to realizing the dam without harming the downstream countries.

The grand dam which is being built by the Ethiopians own resources is closing to its completion as over 80 percent of the total construction is completed he added “So, we can say that the dam is almost completed”.

 “By resisting the pressures imposed by Egypt, Sudan and their allies for the last months, we have reached to the current level by fully committed to all responsibilities,” he pointed out.

Yilma further noted that the peoples of Sudan and Egypt should start to analyze the fact that the second filling of the dam has not created any significant harm to their nations and push their respective government to promote cooperation as the GERD has a lot to benefit for the entire region.

Ethiopians have been expressing joy over the successful completion of the second round of filling which was conducted without harming the downstream countries.  

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other government officials have also congratulated all Ethiopians for their unreserved commitment to realizing the dam.