Analyst Says All Rantings, Ravings about Danger of Filling GERD Geopolitical


July 19/2021(ENA) A renowned Political-Economic analyst for Africa, Lawrence Freeman said that all rantings and ravings about danger of filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) had geopolitical intent.

Ethiopia today announced the successful completion of second phase of the filling of GERD.

Following Ethiopia’s announcement, Freeman twitted that the government of Sudan admits no drop in water level of Nile River as Ethiopia completes second filling of GERD.

For him, those concerns on the danger of renaissance dam had been geopolitical and unfounded.

“All rantings  and ravings about danger of filling GERD was geopolitical. Now Ethiopia prepared to begin operation of the two turbines to produce electricity for Horn of Africa,” he said.

Ethiopia prepared to begin operation of two turbines to produce electricity,  the analyst said who has a  30 years involvement in African development policy.