Second Filling of GERD is Extraordinary Achievement for Ethiopians: General Berhanu Jula


Addis Ababa July 19/2021 (ENA) The successful completion of the second phase of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), is a unique triumphant day for all Ethiopians, the Ethiopian National Defense Force Chief of Staff, General Birhanu Jula said.

In a statement he sent to ENA, General Birhanu congratulated the people of Ethiopia on the successful completion of the second phase of the dam filling.

Ethiopians have worked with high commitment and cooperation to bring the dam to its current level, he said, adding that “today is a unique triumphant day for all Ethiopians.”

Noting that Ethiopia has no intention of harming any other country, he pointed out that the filling of the dam has demonstrated this in practice.

He also said that the TPLF terrorist group is engaging in provocative acts using as an opportunity the government’s unilateral ceasefire declared to address the major concerns of the international community for cessation of hostility and unimpeded access to the region.

The terrorist group doesn’t care about the people of Tigray and this is an indication of its determination to cause more harm to the people in the region, the general noted.

The Ethiopian National Defense Forces are in a stronger position than ever before to defend this provocative acts of the group, the Chief of Staff stressed.

“If the terrorist group continues with its provocative acts, the army is ready to take action,” he warned.