Deputy PM Congratulates Ethiopians on Successful Completion of GERD Second Filling


Addis Ababa, July 19/2021 (ENA) Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen has congratulated Ethiopians over the successful completion of the second year filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Ethiopia today announced the successful completion of second phase of the filling of GERD.

In his message, Demeke said that the second round filling of the dam is a historic achievement that would make all Ethiopians proud of their hard work, financial and Knowledge investment to realizing the project.

The journey of change that Ethiopia has embarked in response to the country’s development needs will be strengthened with the active participation and support of the people, he noted.

“With this great passion, we must work together to defeat the forces that are attempting to make our country vulnerable to foreign powers and thwart their plots,” the deputy prime minister underlined.

The positive achievements so far registered in this historical project and the successful conduct of the 6th general election signal the fact that Ethiopians are capable of achieving their goals by their own without kneeing for any pressure, the Deputy Prime Minister pointed out.

“This achievement is a strong indication that if Ethiopians remain united they could be successful in any of their endeavors.”   

Demeke called on the people of Ethiopia to stand in unison to fight those who have been working to accomplish the interest of foreign powers with a view to regain their authoritarian political power in Ethiopia.

Noting the need to remember how the nation had wisely overcame the previous internal and outside pressures; he urged the people of Ethiopia to strengthen their unity and actively defend against the challenges that lie ahead and to help successfully transform the nation.

The successful accomplishment of the second filling of the dam would enable Ethiopia run the two turbines  to begin energy generation.