Some Seven People Found Dead on Boat Accident in Lake Tana of Amhara Region


Bahir Dar, July 19/2021(ENA) Police disclosed today that 7 people who have capsized in a boat on Saturday in Lake Tana of Ethiopia’s Amhara Region were found dead.

It is to be recalled that some 13 people were missing after a boat capsized in Lake Tana on Saturday night.

After two days of tedious search operations to ascertain the whereabouts of the missing boat passengers, the dead bodies of 7 passengers were found this morning, Deputy Head of East Dembiya Woreda Police Office, Commander Chernet Asmare told ENA.  

The bodies were found floating on the lake between Gorgora and Addisge Denge rural kebele bordering Lake Tana, he stated.

The investigation for the bodies of the remaining six people has been intensifying, he said, adding that a task force has been set up to investigate causes of the accident.