PM Says Nation Working Hard to Weed out TPLF Terrorist Group


July18,2021 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Ethiopians from all walks of life have prepared to weed out the terrorist TPLF group as the unity of the whole nation has been strengthened more than ever now to shatter the group’s conspiracy.

Despite the government’s declaration of unilateral humanitarian ceasefire to address the major concerns of the international community for cessation of hostility and unimpeded access to the region, TPLF has continued rejecting the ceasefire and engaging in provocative acts.

The group has been attempting futile efforts to dismantle Ethiopia by rejecting the call for peace.  

For instance, it has blocked the humanitarian assistance being transported to Mekelle through Afar region by bombarding the road with heavy artillery.

However, the premier stated in his Face-Book today that both the Ethiopian National Defense Force and regional forces are taking their rightful place to strongly respond to this TPLF’s provocative acts.

“Our defense forces and regional forces are taking their rightful place. There will be attempts to disrupt this. Respecting with the ceasefire that we have declared, the army will be responding appropriately,” he underlined.

The premier indicated that the TPLF is the only group in history that has used its power to destroy its own nation.  

“Ethiopians in all corners of the country has prepared themselves to reverse the conspiracy of the TPLF group. Ethiopians have clearly identified who their enemies are and ready well on how to crush it.”   

Abiy assure that “the TPLF junta will be uprooted once and for all so that it does not grow again.” 

The strong unity being witnessed now has enabled the nation to dismantle the previous conspiracies of TPLF, and would destroy its creators, and eventually lead the nation to renovate the country with enhanced unison, he underlined.