TPLF Blocks Humanitarian Support Being Transported to Tigray Region


July 17/2021(ENA) The terrorist group TPLF has blocked the humanitarian assistance being transported to Mekelle through Afar region by bombarding the road with heavy artillery.

It is to be recalled that the federal government declared unilateral cease fire to facilitate humanitarian assistance to Tigray region.

Following the ceasefire, the National Disaster Risk Management Commission announced that it has been providing humanitarian assistance for Tigray region.

Today, 60 trucks carrying food and non-food items were crossing Afar region to deliver the much needed humanitarian support to Tigray when heavy shelling by the terrorist group TPLF stopped them.

Although checkpoints at Serdo and Mille are being readied for inspection to ensure that items transported to Tigray region are food and non-food items, the terrorist group TPLF bombarded members of Zone Four Afar police and special force as well as the community with heavy artillery vowing to block humanitarian assistance from reaching Tigray, sources revealed.

As a result, the checkpoint at Serdo is closed.  

Rejecting the cease fire by the federal government, TPLF is trying hard to expand the conflict into Afar region, it was learned.

Despite this, 61 heavy trucks transporting humanitarian assistance recently reached the region through the facilitation of the federal government.  

Out of these, 34 trucks carried food, 26 non-food items, and over 47,000 liters of fuel to Mekelle, the regional capital.