Food, Non-food Items Arriving in Tigray Regional Capital: Nat’l Risk Management Commissioner


July 16,2021 (ENA)  The National Risk Management Commission disclosed today that 61 trucks carrying food, non-food items and fuel have entered Mekelle, Tigray’s regional capital, and additional 60 trucks are on their way to same destination.

National Risk Management Commissioner, Mitiku Kassa said the food and non-food items transported by the 61 trucks will be swiftly distributed to the beneficiaries. 

The additional 60 trucks loaded with similar humanitarian aid  are on their way to the region  via Afar Regional State, he pointed out. 

According to him, partners organizations have continued their operation jointly with the government since it declared a unilateral ceasefire in Tigray.

“Both local and international humanitarian agencies are allowed to continue operating in Tigray as previously. Accordingly, we received on 9th July 2021 requests from aid partners to  transport more food, non-food items and fuel. We are  working on this based on the requests so far,” Mitiku stated.

The Government of Ethiopia is the major contributor of the humanitarian aid in Tigray, in addition to five partners involved in the distribution of food in the region, it was learned.

The commissioner further noted that the government has been facilitating humanitarian aid and emergency food supply as well as playing major role in providing aid for beneficiaries across Tigray, Mitiku revealed.

Explaining one of the reasons for the unilateral ceasefire in the region, he said farmers need peace to farm. To enable farmers make use of the rainy season, the commissioner said  over 10,000 quintals of seed were sent to the region.

Meanwhile, the commissioner stated that screening machines are being installed at two checkpoints to ensure that humanitarian aid entering Tigray region is properly inspected.

He added that “machines and scanners are installed at Serdo and Afdera checkpoints in order to speed up and make effective relief supply operation.”