TDP Urges Int’l Community to Hold TPLF Accountable for Using Children as Soldiers


July 16,2021 (ENA)  Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) has urged the international community to hold the terrorist TPLF group accountable for using children as soldiers against international laws and conventions.

Recent reports and footages have clearly demonstrated that TPLF has been committing a number of crimes in violation of international law.

Tigray Democratic Party Office Head, Teshale Negusse told ENA that recruiting and deploying children in war is against Ethiopian and international laws.

However, the TPLF clique has been violating these laws and committing atrocities by recruiting and deploying children in the armed conflicts, it is waging to dismantle Ethiopia, he said.

The head called on the international community to condemn the act and prosecute this group for violation of international laws.

Noting that TPLF is well known for massacres throughout its history, he stressed the need to bring the group to justice for its heinous act of using children in its provocative war to dismantle the country.     

Teshale also urged the people of Tigray to stop sending their children to support the irrational  and pointless destructive activities of the terrorist group and denounce the group’s cruel agenda.   

The party head also expressed disappointment with humanitarian organizations for not giving the necessary attention to the crimes being committed by the group on children.