Wave of International Twitter Campaign Launched to Condemn TPLF for Using Child Soldiers


July 16,2021 (ENA)  Ethiopians have taken to Twitter to call on the international community to condemn the criminal acts of the terrorist TPLF for recruiting and deploying children in war by feeding them drugs.

Recent media report and footages have clearly demonstrated that TPLF is committing a number of crimes in violation of international law by recruiting children for the purpose of war.

The objective of the campaign is to denounce this TPLF’s acts and call the international community to take the necessary measures to stop the group from its criminal activities.

The Ethiopians in the campaign have called on the international community including international organizations to condemn TPLF for deploying children in war by disregarding international laws that strongly prohibits the involvement of Children in war.  

Expressing their grief over this cruel act of the terrorist group, the Ethiopians said that they have disappointed by some of the foreign media outlets for not giving attention to this international crime.   

The Ethiopians participating in the campaign criticized the international community and international media outlets for giving a deaf ear for this serious war crime.

Leader of the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice, Prof. Berhanu Nega, twitted that there are many reports that the TPLF is recruiting and deploying children to war.

He said the current terrorism activities of the TPLF were not surprising, noting that the practice of recruiting children for war is a war crime and should be condemned by all. 

Public Relations Head of Amhara National Movement (ANM) twitted for his part that  international community has been expressing concern for the people of Tigray, but it has chosen to remain silent when the TPLF is engaged in using children in war describing the act as an international war crime.

Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition Director at Ministry of Women, Children and Youth, Dr. Meseret Zelam, the involvement of children in war is a war crime and  violates the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Children.

Despite the declaration of unilateral ceasefire to enhance humanitarian aid and create conducive environment for farming in Tigray by the Government of Ethiopia, the terrorist group has continued rejecting the peace call and engaging in provocative acts.