Gov’t Reaffirms Commitment to Cooperate with Humanitarian Agencies


July 15/2021 (ENA)    The Government of Ethiopia reaffirmed today its commitment to cooperate with humanitarian agencies, though all its efforts are not adequately appreciated.

Foreign Affairs State Minister, Redwan Hussien explained the major issues that stall the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire declared by the federal government.

He recalled that the TPLF attacked the Ethiopian Defense Force, who were withdrawing from Tigray respecting the humanitarian ceasefire, but no one condemned this atrocious act as it could have aborted the peace process at its inception.

Right from the moment the government declared unilateral humanitarian ceasefire, the international media and some quarters started belittling it and discrediting the genuine efforts of the federal government, the state minister said.

Redwan underscored that the government declared unilateral the humanitarian ceasefire and left the area not to change the conflict environment, but to give the people rest and peace.

Despite visible evidences that the TPLF uses child soldiers, the international community chose to overlook the matter, he exposed.

Furthermore, the state minister elaborated that TPLF’s repeated provocations against the Amhara and Afar regions were not condemned.

According to him, the destructive rhetoric of some quarters did not abate even after the declaration of the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire by the Ethiopian government.

Redwan noted that some humanitarian agencies are more active in disseminating unjustified propaganda than supporting the people who need help in the Tigray region.

The government has warned these, he said, adding that it has the responsibility to save the country. If the organizations and individuals involved in this act do not mend their ways,  the government will be forced to rethink the joint activities with some humanitarian agencies and expel them.

“While the government has created a conducive environment for humanitarian assistance in the area, it is questionable whether their basic interest is to provide support, the  state minister said, adding that some which claim to be coordinating humanitarian support have been playing destructive role in the name of humanitarian assistance.

He urged the United Nations or other aid agencies to focus solely on aid and humanitarian assistance.

Furthermore, the state minister noted that some in the West have continued their personal and one-sided rhetoric in attacking the government’s handling of the situation in Tigray and the ceasefire.

Redwan appreciated the friendship of some of the countries that understand the reality in Ethiopia and explain it to the world.