TPLF Continuing in Repelling Peaceful Calls, Using Children in War: ENDF


Addis Ababa July 14/2021 (ENA) Despite Government’s unilateral ceasefire declaration, the TPLF terrorist group has continued with rejecting the peaceful call and engaged in provocative acts by deploying children in major conflicts, the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) said.

Army Building Works Chief Coordinator at the ENDF, Lieutenant-General Bacha Debele recalled in a statement today that the government of Ethiopia had declared unilateral humanitarian ceasefire and withdrawn the Ethiopian National Defense Force from the region.

However, he said TPLF terrorist group and its foreign allies have been engaged in provocative acts by using the unilateral ceasefire declaration as a good opportunity.  

TPLF which is the conflict enterprise has also been deploying children in war in major fronts against the international law, he stated.

“The group has continued with its long-established behavior of using conflicts as an instrument with a view to maintain its survival. The whole world is witnessing the fact that TPLF has been deploying children in war against the international law,” he pointed out.

According to Bacha, TPLF’s current provocative acts mainly emanates from its existence that it cannot live without conflicts.

TPLF has been mobilizing thousands of  civilians and children from the central areas of Tigray, claiming that they would get weapons and wealth,” according to General Bacha.

If this group continues with its provocative acts, the national defense force will take the necessary action at any time to enforce law, the general underlined.