Professor Stresses Need for GERD Diplomatic Focus on African Countries


Addis Ababa July 14/2021 (ENA)  Diplomatic activities pertaining to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) should focus more on African countries, Addis Ababa University Political Science and International Relations Professor Yacob Arsano said.

Professor Yacob told ENA that Ethiopia is working to utilize its water resources based on knowledge and skill.

The county is also doing its part to change the centuries-old unfair use of the Nile water resources, he added.

Noting Ethiopia’s firm position on seeking African solutions to African problems, he recalled that Egypt and Sudan had on the other hand tried to take the issue of the GERD to impertinent  countries, the professor stated.

According to him, the decision of the U.N Security Council returning the issue of the dam to the African Union mediation was right.

Moreover, Ethiopia needs to remind African countries in the Nile Basin and outside that the diplomatic pressure put on Ethiopia could be replicated on them in the future.

Therefore, diplomatic efforts of the Government of Ethiopia should be based on Africa, Professor Yacob noted.

 “We need to expand our diplomacy as much as possible, especially in Africa. Since the negotiation is now back in Africa and is being mediated by the African Union, we need to mobilize the help of everyone in the Nile Basin. When we teach and negotiate, when we argue and explain to third parties, we must go in the same spirit and in the direction we are going to get results,” he underscored.

Applauding the contribution of scholars to the construction of the dam, he said they should be ready for more responsibility in the future.

Professor Yacob also called on Ethiopians around the world to play their part in realizing the construction of the dam and lift Ethiopians out of poverty.