Evidence Reveals Terrorist TPLF Recruiting, Deploying Children in War


July 13/2021(ENA) Evidences that depict the deployment of children in war by the terrorist TPLF are being revealed, according to media reports.

It is indicated that the TPLF clique has now been making futile attempts to reverse the defeat that it encountered during the law enforcement operation by recruiting children.  

The group is trying to bounce back from the defeat it has witnessed since its heinous act on the Northern Command stationed in Tigray by sacrificing innocent kids.

The New York Times has revealed a report that depicts the activities of the terrorist TPLF clique to forcefully recruit, train and deploy children in to war against the international war conventions.

According to the evidences, the actions of the group are international war crime.

The latest picture revealed from the New York Times depicts children including very little kids carrying weapons.

This also clearly demonstrates the fact that the group has been engaged in acts of terrorism.

The government of Ethiopia recently declared unilateral ceasefire to protect the safety of the people in Tigray and create a conducive environment to farming activities and humanitarian works.