Diaspora Agency Working to Enhance Digital Diplomacy to Defend National Interest


Addis Ababa, July 12/2021(ENA) The Ethiopian Diaspora Agency said that it has been working to intensify digital public diplomacy by mobilizing the diaspora across the globe with a view to promoting Ethiopia’s interest in the international venues.

Ethiopians across the world are engaged in supporting their country in terms of economic development and public diplomacy.

The diaspora community has been effectively defending the misinformation being disseminated by several actors including the terrorist TPLF group and its paid journalists by providing information that depict the reality on the ground and other available mechanisms.

In an Exclusive Interview with ENA, Diaspora Agency Director-General Selamawit Dawit said there is a need to strengthen the participation of the diaspora in all aspects of the country in order to further exploit their potential for national development.

In this regard, Digital Diplomacy has been commenced to create awareness among the international community about the reality in Ethiopia and engage the diaspora in the development activities of their country, she said.

‘’We have already begun campaign using twitter as part of this digital public diplomacy initiative that provides information about the current situation in Ethiopia, the GERD and other issues of national interest.”

The government of Ethiopia has given the paramount importance to engaging the diaspora in its effort to strengthen diplomatic activities across the world in partnership with the Ethiopian diplomatic missions located in various parts of the world, she said.