Election Demonstrates Ethiopia on Right Track for Strong Democratic System: Ruling Party


Addis Ababa July 11/2013 (ENA) The ruling Prosperity Party (PP) said the 6th general election held on June 21 in Ethiopia demonstrates the fact that Ethiopians are on the right track to building a civilized strong democratic system by resolving internal political problems and carrying out a peaceful and democratic elections by their own.

It was indicated on Saturday that Prosperity Party has won 410 seats in elections held in 436 constituencies out of the 547 seats at the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

In a statement the Party issued today following the announcement of the election results held, the election has made Ethiopia emerge victorious and laid a strong foundation to building a vibrant democratic system in the country.

Congratulating all Ethiopians, PP said a number of stakeholders have played crucial role to the successful conduct of the election in a democratic, free and peaceful manner.

Notably the contribution rendered by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia and other democratic institutions in the country asserts that the institutional reform measures being taken over the past three years has been rendering fruitful outcomes, it added.  

The party has extended gratitude to all pertinent institutions which have tirelessly worked during pre-election, election and post-election periods.

PP has also commended the competing political parties and independent candidates that participated in the election with the belief that conducting a peaceful and democratic election as well as building real democratic system is the only way to enable the nation tackle its political challenges.

Finally, prosperity party pledged to pay back the general public by taking its responsibility in proper manner by being more participatory and inclusive towards achieving the nation’s prosperity.