Some 40 Trucks Loaded with Humanitarian Aid Leave for Tigray


July 9/2021(ENA) As part of the government’s ongoing effort to provide humanitarian support in Tigray, 40 trucks loaded with food and non-food items have been dispatched to the region today.

The Government of Ethiopia has recently called on the international humanitarian organizations to provide aid to people in Tigray.

Accordingly, over 40 trucks loaded with food and non-food items left from Semera, the capital of Afar regional state to Tigray region.

The humanitarian aid will be distributed to people affected by the current situation in Tigray, it was learned.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia had declared a unilateral ceasefire last week mainly with a view to addressing the major concerns of the international community for cessation of hostility and unimpeded access to the region for humanitarian aid.

Although the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority closed the northern part of the airspace for all kinds of flights below flight level 290 since 30/05/21, the government announced on July 5, 2021, that it gave special flight permission to all interested parties to provide humanitarian services in Tigray region while the airspace closure is going on.