Youth from EASF Member States Commend Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative


Addis Addis Ababa, July 9/2021(ENA) Youth from member states of the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) have commended Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative and recommended its duplication throughout the region and the continent.

Uganda National Youth Council Chairperson, Jacob Eyeru told ENA that the green legacy initiative is crucial in mitigating climate change.

“I want to join the people of Ethiopia in planting six billion trees. The initiative is very important. Even in Uganda we are now planting about 12 million trees under President Museveni,” he stated.

The chairperson noted that “the future generation will suffer unless we take action against climate change. So, today we are taking a lot of actions around development. We are building many roads, schools and other infrastructures, but all this will be in vein if we do not invest in sustainable living which is in making sure environment is sustainable.”

Applauding the Ethiopian government plan to distribute tree seedlings to neighboring countries, he added that this will change the idea of geopolitics and change collaboration in the region.

Eyeru said if the initiative of planting trees across borders is led by our leaders, Africa will be the leading example in fighting against climate change.

AU Youth for Peace Africa Program Leader, Rhuks Ako said on his part the green legacy initiative is important in restoring forests, eliminating erosion and pollution as well as reducing conflicts arising from environmental degradation and reduction of natural resources.

“I think the green legacy initiative by the Government of Ethiopia is an example. It is one that should be commended, replicated throughout the region and the continent,” he added.

Yannick Meme, a youth from Seychelles, said the Green Legacy Initiative by Ethiopia showcases its commitment in protecting climate action in the country and beyond.

“Bringing people together and showcasing different initiatives is very important in addressing issues of the climate change, peace and security and other related issues faced by the region and beyond,” he stated.

Ethiopia is striving to plant 20 billion tree seedlings by 2024 through the Green Legacy Initiative.