Ethiopia Taking Practical Steps to Improve Climate Change Adaptability, Resilience: Pres. Sahlework


July 9/2021(ENA) President Sahlework Zewde said that Ethiopia, as one of the most climate-vulnerable countries, is taking practical steps to improve the community’s adaptability and resilience through a variety of collective and national climate actions.

She made the remark at the V20 Climate Vulnerable Finance Summit organized by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

During the occasion, President Sahlework pointed out that the least developed countries are the most affected by the impacts of climate change than any other nations in the world and that it is a critical challenge of our time.

The President stated that COVID-19 pandemic’s shocks have added to the severity of the effects of climate change, both of which are crisis calling for concerted and immediate collective action.

Thus, Sahlework encouraged developed countries that have yet to fulfill their part of the collective pledge to do so as soon as possible, according to office of the president.

Leaders from the world’s most climate-vulnerable nations blamed rich countries for failing to deliver long-overdue climate funding — and called for a rethink of the financial flows needed to cover the gaps.

Speaking through mostly prerecorded messages at the V20 Climate Vulnerables Finance Summit, several heads of state said higher-income countries need to urgently meet their promise of mobilizing 100 billion USD in climate finance per year to help lower-income countries deal with the effects of climate change.

They also called for additional money for climate adaptation, more private sector investment, and more grants as opposed to loans.