Western Pressure on Ethiopia Intended to See Weak Gov’t, Nation: Scholars


July 8/2021 (ENA)The pressure of Western countries on Ethiopia clearly signify that they want a weak government and nation, scholars noted.

Although those countries, including the US, raise issues about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the law enforcement operation in Tigray their real intention is to establish a puppet leadership in Ethiopia, the two scholars stated.

After the reformist group came to power over the past three years, a range of reforms have been taking place in the political, juridical, economic, and social sectors, creating great hope among Ethiopians in ushering unity and harmony, among others.

Addis Ababa University lecturer, Dr. Yonas Zewde said the new leadership created as a result of a popular civil disobedience and which pursued a dynamic narrative has unfortunately seemed to have caused discomfort among others.  

“Despite the hard fact that Ethiopia has been striving for inclusive change, there are countries which stand and plot against its development trajectory, and their intention is to stop the country from being prosperous and isolating it,” he underscored.

The lecturer further reasoned out why those countries are trying to impose their will on Ethiopia: “The current leadership has stated its firm stand to cooperate for mutual benefit but not allow unnecessary interference in its domestic affairs.”  

So the current meddling and pressure emanates  from  the wish of the Western countries to see a weak government and nation, he stressed.

According to him, the international media has also been feeding the western powers with misconception and biases about the reality in Tigray and this has resulted in threatening the leadership  and Ethiopia at large.  

This has led to the unexpected and historically and diplomatically wrong decision by the US Senate put sanctions on Ethiopia and indirectly on the security and safety of the Horn of Africa and the US interest in the region, Dr. Yonas elaborated.

“This could be a kind of imposing their will and visions on us. But our government is saying  ‘no, you can’t impose anything on us and you can’t tell us what to do or not to do’ because these have proven that they don’t want to see a strong Ethiopia.”    

Noting that the pressure is nevertheless building up against Ethiopia,  Dr. Yonas urged  the Ethiopians to come together and steadfastly stand to prove the patriotic spirit they have inherited from their forefathers.

Kotebe Metropolitan University President, Dr. Berhanemeskel Tena said on his part western countries do not understand the reality on the ground in Ethiopia.

He pointed out that the statements they issue at different times take the issue in Tigray as a pretext to bring Ethiopia, which is becoming a model of strength in the Horn of Africa, to its knees.

“The U.S and other countries fully sided the terrorists from the beginning and took such a position without understanding the reality on the ground and ignoring the sovereignty of Ethiopia, but to meet their interest only.”   

Furthermore, he said they believe that they can do whatever they like in Africa.

Recalling the recent statement of Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken asking for “affirmation” that neither the internal nor external borders of Ethiopia will be changed by force, the president denounced the assertions as a blatant contravention of the constitution.

“If the western countries had been rational and balanced, they would have condemned Sudan for violating Ethiopia’s sovereignty rather than Ethiopia’s internal administrative boundaries,” he underscored.   

Dr. Berhanemeskel  finally urged all Ethiopians to play active role in consolidating their unity and harmony to fight external pressures.