Czech Republic Welcomes Unilateral Ceasefire in Tigray


July 07, 2021 (ENA) Czech Ambassador to Ethiopia Pavel Mikeš said the unilateral ceasefire of the Government of Ethiopia in Tigray “should stop the Bloodshed and suffering of the civilian population not only in Tigray but also in northern Ethiopia.”

Speaking to ENA, Ambassador Mikeš said that the unilateral decision of the Government of Ethiopia would stop the Bloodshed and suffering of the civilian populations in the region.

“We welcome very much this decision which should stop the Bloodsheds and suffering of civilian population not only in Tigray but also in northern Ethiopia. We only hope that the ceasefire will be widely accepted by all parts,” the ambassador added.

Czech Republic will be working together with the Government of Ethiopian on this issue as the declaration of the humanitarian ceasefire helps to stop the war between brothers, Ambassador Mikeš noted.

“Czech Republic provides some humanitarian aid for the north. We are going to follow suit in providing any kind of help that the Ethiopian government will ask from us,” he noted.

He pointed out that the Czech Republic always supports the national unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia.

“We have very good cooperation in defense and we always be supporting Ethiopia in their fight for their national unity and independence,” he underscored.

Besides national security issues, the ambassador also revealed that the Czech Republic is also keen to strengthen its bilateral cooperation in agriculture, health, trade and hydro-geology sectors.

According to him, some Czech investors have been engaging in hydrological research in Ethiopia as well as in roasting and packaging of good quality coffee and exporting to Czech Republic and other parts of the world.

As part of cooperation in health sector, Czech Republic has recently made agreement with Ethiopia about supplying oxygen systems of 20 million Birr for hospitals.