Outgoing HPR Members Say Unilateral Ceasefire in Tigray Crucial to Return to Dev’t


July 07,2021 (ENA) Some outgoing members of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) have commended the unilateral ceasefire declared in Tigray Region as it is crucial to enable the country to return to development.

House members who talked to ENA recalled that the government had no option but to carry out the law enforcement operation in Tigray at a time when the National Defense Force has  been subjected to a horrific and unprecedented attack ever seen in another country and citizens were also suffering.

One of the outgoing members, Birtukan Sebsibe said the attacks in the region, including the Maikadra massacre, were brutal and appalled the people of Ethiopia. It was therefore appropriate for the government to enter the region to enforce the law.

These horrifying acts were planed by a few individuals that aspire to separate the people of Tigray from the rest of Ethiopians and fulfill their political interests, she elaborated.

Following the withdrawal of the National Defense Force from the region, TPLF has been spreading baseless information to cover their evil deeds against the defense force and the nation.

Moreover, they are currently killing innocent civilians in various parts of the region after the government declared ceasefire. The Ethiopian people have been condemning the acts, Birtukan noted.

According to her, food and non-food items are being sent to Tigray; but TPLF is working to keep the people from getting help.  

“Now, the government has voluntarily pulled out of the region. The atrocities  that have been going on since the government withdrawal should therefore be condemned by the international community. If they stand for truth and humanity, they must weigh the facts by themselves. If their idea is, however, to disintegrate Ethiopia, the Ethiopian people will stop them by standing together as they have shown this in the recent election.”

The other outgoing HPR member, Ayalew Ayza said it was the TPLF which planned and acted to disintegrate the country in collaboration with foreign enemies.

“The people of Tigray like all Ethiopians want peace and need peace. The government must move towards development and peace. Therefore, I agree that it is appropriate to return to development and other issues of mutual benefit.”

In this respect, the decision made by the government is very important because it helps the  Ethiopian people to return to development.

“For us, this is an important decision that makes the people very happy and I believe it will transform Ethiopia and ensure prosperity,” Ayalew noted.

Abera Buno, another outgoing member said the TPLF is a political force intent on disintegrating the country. 

For him, the measure by the federal government is justifiable and he called on Tigrayans  to work for peace and development of the region.

“The important thing is that the people of Tigray must understand the situation on the ground. Eliminating the TPLF is their responsibility. This group may be active for now, but it is finished as a political organization. The people will rise up against it any time,” he stressed.