Ethiopians to Stage Demonstration in New York to Protest UNSC Meeting on GERD


July 6/2021(ENA) The Ethiopian Dispaora in various states of the U.S are planning to stage a demonstration in New York City to oppose the meeting of the UN Security Council on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is set to hold a meeting on the GERD this coming Thursday following the request of Egypt.

Peace and Unity Taskforce Ethiopia in Washington DC Coordinator, Tasew Melakehiwot told ENA that the aim of the demonstration is to oppose the UNSC meeting on GERD which Ethiopia strongly believes will only be resolved through AU-led negotiations.

“GERD is an existential matter for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. The meddling of the Arab League and the United Nations is totally unacceptable,” he pointed out.

Representatives of the demonstrators have prepared flyers and letters to be delivered to diplomats and UNSC representatives of countries, it was learned.

Ethiopians and foreigners of Ethiopian origin from New York, New Jersey, Boston, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Maryland are expected to take part in the demonstration, according to Tasew. 

The Ethiopian Diaspora have vowed to continue supporting the dam in all ways, including financially.