Minister Stresses Need for Holistic Approach to Enhance Youth Engagement in Promoting Peace


July 06, 2021 (ENA) A holistic approach is needed to enhance the engagement of youth in promoting peace, security and environmental protection in the region and beyond, Peace Minister Muferihat Kamil said.

A two-day seminar which brought youth from all member states of the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) opened today under the theme “Youth Shaping Peace and Environmental Protection.”

Opening the seminar, the minister said the event is important in promoting peace, solidarity, and security as well as environmental protection in the region and beyond.

According to her, it is also crucial in exchanging experiences among the participants to make East Africa prosperous and symbol of harmony between humans and environment.

“I am excited to see that the initiative compliments with Ethiopia’s plan to plant six billion trees nationally and across the region and work towards the significant recoveries of our environmental condition,” Muferihat stated.

Noting that the Horn of Africa has a number of challenges that seek priority by political, business and civil society leaders, she added that “ we, however, need collect priority to focus on the main ground work which includes innovative initiatives that help our natural environment recover by creating green belt to fight desertification.

The Government of Ethiopia is committed to work with neighboring countries on environmental protection, peace, democracy and development programs, according to Muferihat.

Furthermore, the minister applauded the recent deployment of EASF election observers mission to Ethiopia during the 6th General Election.

It is a clear testimony of African Union’s contribution and support to the regional efforts to galvanize comprehensive peace which ensures physical and psychological wellbeing of citizens and addresses structural rooted political and economic concerns.

Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) Director Brigadier General Getachew Shiferaw said the seminar is aimed to enhance the engagement of youth in promoting peace and security in the region.

This platform will also contribute toward enriching youth knowledge, skill and commitment for peace, security and prosperous for the betterment of the region by preventing conflict through shaping peace, he noted.

“The efforts to address the rooted challenges, a holistic approach with multidimensional efforts is needed and the youth play key role in promoting peace and security,” the director stated.

Participants of the seminar underway will discuss the role of youth in shaping peace and security and protecting the environment and the role of EASF in promoting peace and security in the region.