Terrorist TPLF Group Brutally Attacking Civilians in Raya Azebo


Addis Ababa June 7/2021 (ENA) Following the unilateral ceasefire declared by the federal government of Ethiopia, the terrorist TPLF is perpetrating attacks against civilians in Raya Azebo located in Southern part of Tigray, according to Raya Rayuma Democratic Party.

Officials of the Party told ENA today that the terrorist group has been engaged in killing of civilians that it labeled as supporters of the interim administration right after the Ethiopian National Defense Force’s withdrawal from the region as part of the declared ceasefire.

Particularly, the people of Raya Azebo have been killed and brutally attacked by the group, said Head of the Party’s youth sector,  Tigabu Gobena and Mayor of Maoni city under the interim administration of Tigray, Aleh Bereho.  

According to them, the terrorist group has been cruelly engaged in killing people, burning mosques, displacing people, kidnaping the youth and torturing the whole community across Raya Azebo.

So far, more than 50 people are killed, 200 militias and 300 youths have been kidnaped by TPLF group after the Ethiopian National Defense Force left the area, the officials stated.

Noting that the area was in a relative peace during the past 8 months, they said that all activities in the area were returned to normalcy.

Government organizations were properly operating and farmers had also been engaged in their usual farming activities, they said.

Over the past three years, the people of Raya Azebo had been working to realizing the national reform initiative address the demands of the people peacefully, they added.  

The people have also been working with the government in its law enforcement operation in the region, they stated.

However, currently the people of Raya Azebo have been attacked with vengeance by the TPLF terrorist group, they added.