Gov’t Working to Rehabilitate Over 40,000 Returnees from Saudi Arabia


Addis Ababa, July 1/2021(ENA) Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Job Creation Commission are working to rehabilitate the over 40,000 returnees from Saudi Arabia.

Labor and Social Affairs State Minister, Ayelech Eshete said the ministry has been welcoming repatriated and providing them with support.

The ministry is ensuring their safe arrival to their localities and providing full information about the repatriates for regions, she added.

According to her, the information provided for the regions will help to know about the  returnees and find job opportunities for them.

“We are working with stakeholders on ways to create jobs for our citizens returning from Saudi Arabia and we have prepared various programs and projects that would help citizens to work in their country and change their livelihood,” the state minister said.

The ministry will provide on job training for the returnees to identify jobs based on their interests.

Ayelech noted that most of the returnees need special attention as they are in bad condition.

“Many of the returnees immigrated illegally and they were in prison. They are not in good shape. So they should be treated in a special way and  need psycho-social support and training. We are therefore working with TVETs in this manner,” she revealed.

Job Creation Commissioner, Nigusu Tilahun said repatriation and rehabilitation of the returnees needs integrated and immediate responses from stakeholders.

According to him, the job creation commission has the responsibility of coordinating activities, collecting resources and finances from government and non-governmental bodies.

“As the situation is unexpected it needs a special attention. We are of course the responsible body. Considering this, we have started activities to pull resources from our structures and other stakeholders,” the commissioner stated.

About 10,000 Ethiopians have so far returned home from Saudi Arabia, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.