Nation Launches Integrated Labor Market Information System


ddis Ababa, July 01 , 2021 (ENA) Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs launched today an integrated labour market information system and signed Memorandums of Understanding with institutions on the implementation.

Integrated labor marketing information system is a digital system that provides essential basis for employment and labor policies and inform the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies that are better and targeted.

The system will be managed by the ministries of  Labor and Social Affairs, Science and Technology and the International Labor Organization, and implemented by 20 government and private institutions, it was learned.

Addressing the launching ceremony, Labor and Social Affairs Minister Ergoge Tesfaye said  the labor market information system will enable job seekers to easily access reliable job markets on the digital platform.

“The system that we are launching today will allow citizens, specially university graduates, to easily access job market information in a better and efficient way,” she added.

Noting that the country does not have an integrated job market information system, the minister said the system will bring together the scattered job platforms in the country.

According to her, the main purpose of the system is production of information and analysis for policymakers and other job market stakeholders.

Ergoge further stated that the system will have features of a national job portal, job advertisement, linkages between TVET and industry, job seekers profile as well as job matching.

Innovation and Technology State Minister, Ahmedin Mohammed said the system is one of the  strategic implementations of the digital economy transformation.

The expansion of digital technology is crucial for the national development of the country, he said, adding that the government is giving special focus for digital technology development.

Indicating the effectiveness of the integrated labor market system, Ahmedin  noted that it requires the cooperation of private and government stakeholders.

“This system is going to be implemented with the cooperation of private and government stakeholders. So I call on stakeholders to work closely for the effectiveness of the system,” the state minister stressed.

Representatives of the International Labor Organization, Aida Awol said the system has paramount importance to strengthen statistical capacity of countries and it is an instrument to supply decent work-related data and statics.

She observed that in order to have an effective functioning of labor marketing information system coordination is key one institution cannot do it all. Hence the need for an integrated labor marketing information system.