Tigray Interim Admin Requests Federal Gov’t to Make Ceasefire Agreement


June 28/2021(ENA) The Interim Administration of Tigray region has requested the federal government to make a ceasefire agreement in a manner of humanity and in a way that does not cause further damage, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abraham Belay, told ENA.

According to him, the federal government has been requested to reach a ceasefire agreement and provide a timely political solution to the situation that would help farmers in Tigray resume their farming activities as well as supply humanitarian assistance to the needy without difficulty. 

The interim administration made the request last week after a series of consultations with representatives of the regional councils, bureaus and zonal leaders, the people of Tigray, Tigray scholars, businessmen and religious leaders on the current situation in the region, he noted.

Nothing that the complex problem posed by the TPLF terrorist group to the region and the country is not only military but also political, economic and social, Abraham said various solutions have been taken so far by the federal government and the interim administration of Tigray. 

He added that in addition to enforcing the law, efforts have been made to identify the culprits and bring them to justice in order to resolve legal issues.

Reminding that the steps being taken by the interim administration and the federal government, the CEO further expressed the need to consider political alternatives and take remedial actions.

He further added that if the farmers in the region do not start farming this summer, the seed season will pass and they will face challenges to live under poverty for the years to come.

According to him, the group is impeding humanitarian activities, the distribution of seeds and fertilizers to the farmers being carried out by the government and aid agencies.

He further stated that the Ethiopian government has spent more than 100 billion birr for aid, sustaining government services and construction of infrastructure in recent months in the region noting that this has a significant impact on the country’s overall economy.

According to Dr. Abraham, further talks have been held with the government on the need for additional political options to ensure that humanitarian assistance is delivered, farming is resumed and the displaced return home safely.

With this in mind, a nine-point request is submitted to the Federal Government, he added.

He said the ceasefire agreement would enable the farmer to resume farming activities, facilitate  humanitarian aid and relief supplies to the needy and repair the homes of the displaced.

He pointed out that some of the forces in the desert are now looking for a way to peace. He explained that it is important to give this force a chance.

The terrorist group has been engaged in various destructive activities he said adding that “It hinders access to food aid, kills aid workers.”

The focus of the government so far was to attain the election and secure the will of the people and these have been accomplished peacefully.  Hence, we believe that the government should focus on addressing key challenges of the country.   

“Most of the TPLF force has been surrendered, killed and reached a point where it is useless. However, few of them have been causing damages on the people by forcing the people and using them a cover for the war.  Therefore, as the terrorist destructive forces has been much more weakened by the recent military actions, some of the remnant of the force are also preparing to engage in media campaign by starving the people,” he elaborated.  

He further stressed on the need for political solutions to the problems. “The government should seek a political solution for the people of Tigray, not the TPLF, which is indifferent to the people,” the  government should be more open-minded and provide political solutions.

He explained that the request to the federal government for a ceasefire is to protect the public’s interest.

“In order to create conducive environment for the people to be part of the solution, we demand on behalf of Tigray and all peace loving people that the federal government to make a cease fire on the basis of humanity and in a way that it would not create additional damage” the CEO said.