Gov’t Utilizing 600 Million Birr to Prevent Flood Damages in Basins


Addis Ababa, June 26/2021(ENA) The Government of Ethiopia has allocated 600 million Birr for activities to prevent flooding from the over-flow of some basins in the country, according to Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy.

Speaking at a discussion forum about the ongoing pre-flood prevention activities today, Water, Irrigation and Energy State Minister Abraha Adugna said short, medium and long term plans are required to tackle problems of flooding.

Pre-flood prevention activities are currently underway in 6 selected basins in 7 regions, it was learned.

The state minister revealed that the government has allocated 600 million Birr to execute the short and medium term flood prevention activities.

According to him, the heavy rainfalls that caused damages on people and properties around basins last Ethiopian year prompted the government and pertinent institutions to conduct study and undertake flood prevention activities in the 6 basins found in 7 regions.

Flooding in Awash Basin alone has affected over 1 million people and displaced at least 300,000, Abraha stated.  

Basins Development Authority Director-General, Adanech Yared said a study has indicated that flood prevention activities in the 7 regions require 11 billion Birr.

“For this Ethiopian fiscal year, particularly the rainy season, we asked 1.367 billion Birr but obtained 600 million Birr. Of this, 30 percent has been distributed to the regions,” she elaborated.

Adanech noted that the government’s commitment to flood prevention activities has resulted in the expansion of the activities to 7 regions and 6 basins, which she believes will minimize  damages in the identified vulnerable areas.