Election Opened Door to Democratic System, Say Scholars


Addis Ababa June 24/2021 (ENA) The 6th General Election held this week has opened a new door for a democratic system, academicians said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Mizan Tepi University Political Science and History  lecturer Nigus Belay said people have voted freely and their representatives are expected to solve Ethiopia’s social, economic and political problems. 

“What makes this year’s election different from the previous ones is that the huge turnout to elect their representatives for the next five years,” he noted. 

Above all the election took place without any intervention by the government, opposition political parties or their members, the lecturer said, adding that this should be the standard practiced in the future. 

Political parties and activists have contributed a lot by preventing conflicts, according to Nigus.

He further noted that the government also set a good example to African countries by not shutting down the Internet and allowing the private and public as well as the international media to report freely.

With minor flaws, the election was good and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it  has opened the door for a democratic system, the lecturer stressed. 

It is commendable that the Ethiopian government expanded the political space and left the judgment whether it was free and fair to the people, Nigus said, adding that “the problem with Africans is that we do not trust our people. We want European and American countries to give blessings to our elections. This is a big mistake.”  

“In Ethiopia we have chosen leaders that run our country for five years in a free and democratic manner. We don’t need the consent of anyone. We should be proud of that,” he underscored.

According to him, other African leaders should look at Ethiopia’s election as an example and give their people the freedom to go out and peacefully elect their governments freely.

Wachamo University Academic Affairs Vice President, Temesgen Tomas said the 6th General Election was unique election in the history of Ethiopia. 

“This election is a testament to the growing political consciousness of the electorate and I think that this election has brought a new political culture and democracy to Ethiopia,” he added. 

Temesgen pointed out that peaceful election is important to overcome the pressure of internal and external factors and maintain the sovereignty of Ethiopia.  

Understanding these issues has led the people to hold a peaceful and democratic election. Thus, he noted that this election is greater than the party.