Airstrike Report on Civilians in Tigray Fabricated, Diversionary Tactic: Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Addis Ababa June 24/2021 (ENA) The fabricated airstrike report on civilians in Tigray is a diversionary tactic by the forces that want to divert the attention of Ethiopians from the peaceful conclusion of the election, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In his weekly media briefing, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti said there is no fresh war going on in Tigray apart from the hunt for the unlawful elements.

He noted that the government does not target civilians, there is no civilian targeted in the region.

“When Ethiopia conducted this historic and great election, these forces have never made reference to the election in which millions have come out and cast their votes,” the spokesperson pointed out.

He asked why the forces employ double standard, adding that they obviously are disrespectful towards other Ethiopians and whine about this fake story.

The reason for this is they want to undermine the general election which Ethiopians conducted in a peaceful manner, the spokesperson explained.

“This is simply a diversionary tactic and they want to divert the attention of the government and the Ethiopian people from what they are doing,” he underscored.

Emphasizing that the government never targets civilians, Dina said “Tigryans are our people.  We take care of them, and targeting civilians is not in the interest of the government. But the junta elements should be hunted down and brought to justice.”

Speaking about those who are spreading the lie that the government attacked civilians, he pointed out some are on the pay list and others used to be lobbyists.