China Red Cross Donates 100,000 Doses of Anti-COVID 19 Vaccine


Addis Ababa, June 19/2021(ENA) China Red Cross has donated 100,000 doses of anti COVID-19 vaccine to its Ethiopian counterpart today.

Out of the total donated vaccines, 40,000 will be delivered to Tigray region, it was learned.

On the occasion, Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia Zhao Zhiyuan said that his country will support Ethiopia’s effort to prevent the pandemic.

Recalling that China had provided similar donations before, the Ambassador pointed out that China will continue its support and will be a partner to see the development of Ethiopia.

“As the comprehensive strategic cooperative partner of Ethiopia, China will continue its support within its capacity to Ethiopia’s anti-pandemic efforts and play an active role as Ethiopia undertakes to boost the economy and improve the people’s lives,” Ambassador Zhiyuan affirmed.

Health State Minister, Dereje Duguma said on his part that China has been providing different protective materials and should continue.

“The Chinese government is donating for the third time and it had also been donating medical instruments, testing kits, and providing training. The donated vaccine is very crucial for us and is timely,” he elaborated.

China has donated 500,000 doses of anti COVID-19 vaccine so far, it was learned.

Ethiopia, which has vaccinated 1.9 million people, following Nigeria is the second African country for vaccinating larger number of its population.