Tigray Admin Issues Regulation on Checkpoints to Facilitate Humanitarian Works, Ensure Peace


Addis Ababa June 18/2021 (ENA)  Tigray Regional State Interim Administration Security Council issued a new regulation on the operation of check points in a bid to enhance peace and security as well as facilitate the works of humanitarian organizations in Tigray region.

Press Secretary of the Interim Administration, Aida Haileselasse told journalist today that the regulation aims at ensuring the rights and security of people to move freely and facilitate the work of humanitarian organizations as well as promote peace and security in the region.

The regulation will be enforced in all checkpoints in the regional state with due attention for the respect of human rights, she added.

“This guideline will be enforced in all checkpoints in the region. There are some principles that must be taken care of. The inspection is geared towards searching for illegal weapons. While searching human dignity, human rights and gender issues shall be observed.

As per the constitution of the federal state, humanitarian aid vehicles shall have a pass after producing their documents. International journalists, employees of aid organizations, and diplomatic personnel should show pass papers issued from the federal government.”  

If and when a military operation is necessitated, checkpoints will temporarily be closed and this shall be notified to all concerned parties immediately, according to the press secretary.  

“The vehicles of the UN and its annexed and related organizations such as the WFP, UNDP,  UNHCR and other international and local humanitarian and service provider organizations shall have a light and fast search procedures and could freely pass at any point stations,” she stated.

With due consideration, the search may be wavered or lifted for the UN and other international aid organizations, the press secretary pointed out.  

She further stated that local and international journalists should be able to show a permit letter from the federal government, adding that if they are not suspected of holding any illegal equipment they are free to pass any checkpoint.

As long as customs formalities are observed, trucks from ports could freely pass the checkpoints. “Proper searches will, however, be made without delay,” Aida added.  

According to her, institutions and bodies that strive for the maintenance of damaged infrastructures are welcomed to the region as long as they are legal. All shall have a free pass after a light and proper search.  

To facilitate the checkpoints, a deliverance issues information and coordination center has also been established under the regional security council that is accountable to the CEO.

The duty of the center is to observe all security gaps and problems and to oversee the proper executions of the search guidelines, to properly address inconveniences that may be created at searching stations and checkpoints and shall notify the security council.