City Police Says Ready to Ensure Peace During 6th General Election


Addis Ababa, June 18/2021(ENA) Addis Ababa Police Commission announced today that it has made preparations to ensure peaceful conduct of the upcoming 6th General Election which will take place on Monday.

Addis Ababa Police Public Relations Director, Commander Fasika Fenta told ENA that “the police have made adequate preparations to ensure that the election goes smoothly and peacefully.”  

Furthermore, he stated that adequate training has been provided for police officers on ensuring peace during election. Police officer who did not receive the training will not be deployed to take the task during the election day.

Police officers have also been given adequate knowledge about the rules and regulations and  what they should do or not at polling stations and that they should abide by these rules and regulations, it was learned.

Commander Fasika urged voters to only carry their ballot papers with them when they go to the polling stations.

He also called on the public to inform the security forces about planned any disruptive activities and play active role in maintaining peace during the election.