Bureau Undertaking Measures to Prevent Organized Crimes in Tigray


Addis Ababa (ENA) June 17/2021 Security Bureau of Tigray Interim Administration is taking measures to prevent organized crimes such as assassination and robbery.

Security Bureau Deputy Commissioner, Yemane Gesese said that more than 10,000 prisoners have escaped from the region’s jails prior the law enforcement operation in the region.

He added that the escaped convicts have been committing crimes in the region.

The crimes being committed by individuals and groups include murder and robberies using weapons, he said.

The crimes have put the public in terror, he said, and added that law enforcement measures are being taken to prevent the crimes.

Furthermore, Yemane stated that some of the criminals have now been apprehended willingly and by the ongoing measures being taken by security forces.

To realize the successfulness of the law enforcement measures, the bureau is undertaking capacity building activities in terms of manpower, logistics and training, he pointed out.

According to him, preparations are also underway to reopen the Mekelle correctional facilities that have been out of action for 7 months.