Addis Residents Extending Impressive Support for Dam: Public Coordination Office for GERD


Addis Ababa June 15/2021 (ENA) Residents of Addis Ababa have consolidated their support and contribution to the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), according to the city’s dam construction public coordination office.

Addis Ababa Public Coordination Office for GERD Construction Head, Miskir Negash said the public has been reinforcing support for the construction of the dam.

According to him, the office planned to raise 789 million Birr for the dam at the end of this Ethiopian budget year from residents of Addis Ababa city. 

However, it has succeeded in mobilizing over two billion Birr from bond purchases and donations from the community, he added. 

“We revised our plan to get 734 million Birr from Addis Ababa residents and 55 million Birr from public institutions during the 2020/21 budget year. But we consulted with stakeholders at all levels and designed various mobilization strategies and we have done a great job by using to the lower structure,” the head stated. 

He said over 2 billion Birr was collected in the last six months alone and “that is more than 253 percent of the plan for the year. Of this two billion Birr, 31 million has been donated and the other is earned through bond purchase.”

Miskir added that this is an initiative that has ensured that the community will continue to contribute to the construction of the dam.

Appreciating the contribution of the public, the head called on the people, government and non-governmental organizations to continue their support.

The current performance of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has reached 80 percent.