FM Demeke, Ethiopian Ambassadors Discuss about Sharing 1 Billion Seedlings with Neighbors


Addis Ababa June 15/2021 (ENA) Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke Mekonnen held a virtual discussion today with Ethiopian Ambassadors stationed in neighboring countries on Ethiopia’s plan to share one billion seedlings to hosting nations.

According to a press release of  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the deputy prime minister underscored during the consultation that sharing Ethiopia’s experience which  gives protection to the environment and build a green economy with neighbors will promote peaceful relations in the region.

Besides ensuring the wellbeing of the environment in the region, the experience will further boost transboundary economic cooperation and cement ties with governments of the neighboring countries, the statement added.

The Ethiopian mission leaders have been given the responsibility to make sure that the seedlings to be planted in each country take into account the ecological and economic benefits of the countries, it was learned.

Mission leaders are also expected to create contacts with relevant bodies in the host nations, study their specific needs and set up action plans and monitoring mechanisms for the success of the project.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Agriculture; Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission; Ethiopian Airlines, and other agencies will work together to make the project successful, it was disclosed.

The launch of the Green Legacy program in neighboring countries is expected to be attended by senior government officials of the host nations, members of the Ethiopian Diaspora, and other stakeholders.

The ambassadors who attended the meeting said they have been working for the success of the plan by holding a series of discussions thus far with relevant agencies in each country.

Through the third round Green Legacy Initiative 6 billion tree seedlings, including 1 billion in neighboring  countries, are expected to be planed.